Energetic Space Clearing




Clear the Negative or Offensive Energy that is causing fear, anxiety, ill-health, and distress to yourself or others.

Energetic Space Clearing will help you if you have been experiencing unwanted visitors, ghosts, objects moving or disappearing, or cold spots in your living space or workspace. You may be having difficulty sleeping, excessive tiredness, or a lack of focus. You may notice that your children or pets are acting strangely.

Energetic Space Clearing is carried out from a distance to clear your family home, workplace, place of worship, school, neighborhood, land, farm, shop, or business.

This includes removing all Past and Current Curses and Sabotage Energy on the land upon which your home or buildings are situated. As well as releasing all Unhealthy Energetic Cording, Entities, or Ghosts which may be sharing your space with you.

Carried out online on Skype, WhatsApp, or Zoom video call with Vanessa Westwell. One Energetic Space Clearing Session lasts 95 minutes.


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