Twelve Spiritual Life Coaching Sessions


Save money with this Package of Twelve Spiritual Life Coaching Sessions.


This Package of Twelve, Spiritual Life Coaching Sessions will help you to get unstuck.

Connect with your passion and purpose, and see where your heart is calling you.

In these sessions, you can focus on any aspect of your life, including your work, business, career, health, fitness, diet, home, family, and relationships. Vanessa will help you to get clear, and shake off burnout and procrastination. To create a plan and find the confidence to take inspired action.

You can get unstuck and start to visualize the life you are longing for. To believe that you can create a new life and work that allows you to express yourself and use your talents and skills. To be of service and help others. Feel happier, and have more harmonious relationships.

Carried out online on Skype, WhatsApp, or Zoom video call. This Package includes Twelve Sessions of Spiritual Life Coaching, each lasting 60 minutes.


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